How do I shoot multiple exposures with my LC-A 120 camera?

To shoot multiple exposures with your Lomo"== LC-A 120==":, please follow these guidelines:

1. Wind the film advancing wheel and make sure that your previous frame has been advanced.
2. Flip the MX switch next to the shutter release button to the position “MX”.
3. Take a double exposure or multiple exposures – as many as you wish!
4. Flip the MX switch back to its default position
5. Turn the film advancing wheel anti-clockwise following the arrow marking direction until it stops. You are now ready to take another shot.

*Note: We advise you to turn the ISO dial to a higher ISO than the actual film ISO when shooting multiple exposures. For example if you are using ISO 400 film, turn the ISO dial to ISO 800 or ISO 1600 to avoid over exposure, especially when shooting many exposures in one frame.

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written on 2015-08-26 in #lomo-lc-a-120