Why would I use the New Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Lens for the swirly bokeh effect rather than editing my photo using photo editing software?

It’s nearly impossible to achieve the unique swirly Bokeh effect of Petzval lenses by using post-production software on your images. But with the New Petzval 58, all you have to do is attach the lens to your camera and you immediately start getting amazing swirl-filled photos right away. Plus it’s easier than ever to manipulate that effect with the Bokeh Control Ring on the New Petzval 58. Simply choose your preferred bokeh level between 1 and 7 and snap away. Not to mention, the satisfaction of achieving this special effect naturally from the optics of the lens, rather than post-production editing, is truly great!

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written on 2015-06-26 in #lenses #petzval-58