What is crop factor and how do I calculate it for the Minitar-1?

Crop factor is the ratio of a digital camera’s sensor to a 35mm film camera. A full-frame digital SLR refers to a camera whose sensor size is roughly equivalent to a 35mm film frame (24mm x 36mm). A camera with a smaller sensor captures only a portion of the image that a full frame sensor would, due to the fact that the small sensor magnifies the angle of view.

If you multiply a lens’s focal length by the camera’s crop factor, you get the “equivalent focal length”, which is the focal length needed to produce the same angle of view on a 35mm camera. You will get different photos depending on the camera you use and its sensor size.

Sensor sizes vary by manufacturer but in general there are four standard crop factors:

For more information, visit the Minitar-1 microsite.

written on 2015-06-26 in #lenses #minitar