What attachable lenses is the Lomo'Instant Camera compatible with?

The Lomo'Instant is compatible with only the Fisheye lens, close-up lens and portrait lenses. It is not compatible with other Lomography lenses. We of course plan to develop more exciting lenses for the Lomo’Instant in the future.

Wide Angle Lens (built-in): This 27mm equivalent wide-angle lens captures more than your eyes can see and allows you to shoot uber-cool up-close-and-personal shots with the 0.4m closest focusing distance. It’s perfectly suited to spontaneous instant shooting and we love using it for selfies!

Close-Up Lens Attachment (Included in the Camera plus Lens Packages): With this lens, you can shoot ridiculously cool instant snaps at a focusing distance of 10cm-15cm; it works using a fixed aperture of f/16. The lens clips on to the wide-angle lens which comes attached to the Lomo’Instant (unfortunately it is not compatible with the other attachable lenses).

Fisheye Lens Attachment (Included in the Camera plus Lens Packages): Get hooked, lined and shamelessly sinkered for wonderful circular instants with the 170° Fisheye Lens Attachment.

Portrait Lens Attachment (Included in the Camera plus Lens Packages): This 35mm equivalent lens attachment is incredibly versatile and gives great results indoors and out. It’s great for portraits as well as street photography and landscape shots.

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written on 2014-11-12 in #accessories #camera