What should I remember when sending my film to the LomoLab? (UK)

We recommend sending all films via Royal Mail Second Class Signed For at your local Post Office counter or using the Royal Mail price finder, opting for “Large Letter” (http://www.royalmail.com/price-finder) to figure out the right amount of stamps. If stamps do not fully cover postage, your letter will be returned to sender from the Post Office after 2 weeks. Please be sure to include a return address on your envelope/package.

Make sure to frank your letters including Films for the LomoLab with Royal Mails “Big Letter” Rate. Standard Letters have a maximum weight of 100g and maximum allowed thickness of 0.5cm only which is why you´ll need to pick “Big Letter” when calculating the franking.

Please post your 35mm rolls without film canister to avoid exceeding the “large letter” maximum thickness of 2.5cm. Otherwise, your package is considered a parcel and a higher rate applies.

written on 2014-10-08 in #lomolab