Is the Russar+ lens compatible with my camera?

The Russar+ lens on the Leica DRP, FED 4 & Bessa R2A – no additional adaptor needed

The Russar+ a stunning reinvention of the legendary 1958 Russar – pioneering a famous wide angle lens design that was founded in Russia over half a century ago. As well as a brass body and chrome plating for durability and premium quality, thanks to its modified lens tube construction, the new Russar+ is now compatible with L39 and M mount analogue cameras and digital mirrorless cameras and lots of other cameras using adaptor mounts.

The Russar+ is a screw mount lens which works with L39/M39 cameras. L39 is often also commonly referred to as LSM (Leica Screw Mount) and LTM (Leica Thread Mount). The FED range of cameras also use the L39/M39 mount.

The Russar+ also comes with an adaptor so you can use the lens right away with M mount cameras too. All Leica M series cameras use the M mount.

Using adaptor mounts (sold separately), the Russar+ becomes compatible with even more cameras. For example, you can use the Russar+ on the following using adaptors:

Russar+ on a Sony a7

Sony Alpha Cameras (Sony A7 and Sony A7R) using an L39 or Leica M to E mount Adaptor. Buy here

Russar+ on Panasonic Lumix GF3

Micro 4/3 cameras (Panasonic Lumix or Olympus PEN) using an L39 or Leica M to M 4/3 Adaptor.

Russar+ on Sony NEX6

Sony α NEX cameras (such as Sony NEX 5 and Sony NEX 7) using an L39 or Leica M to E mount Adaptor.

Fujifilm X Mount cameras (such as the Fuji X-Pro 1) using an L39 or Leica M to X Mount Adaptor. Buy here

The new Russar+ has been precisely calibrated and designed to work with compatible digital cameras.

written on 2014-04-09 in #lenses