My Instant Photo Got Stuck Coming Out Of The Belair Instant Back. What do I do?

After you eject the instant film dark slide and after shooting each instant photo, please remember to pull the Film Ejection Lever on your Instant back all the way up to the top. If your instant film photo doesn’t come out, turn the Film Ejection Crank until the Film Ejection lever unclicks from the “2” position and returns to a position between “1” and “2”. Then lift the Film Ejection Lever to position “2” again, and keep holding it in the “2” position whilst turning the Film Ejection Crank until the film is finally ejected. Two further points to note are:

1. Do not push the Film Ejection Lever all the way down to the bottom “1” position if your film jams. Because this will pull up another instant photo and cause 2 films to jam in the ejection system.
2. When the Film Ejection Lever is in the “2” position, do not force it all the way down to the “1” position as this could damage/break the Film Ejection Lever.

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written on 2014-01-17 in #belair #camera