Shooting and getting your Belair instant photos

1. Set your Belair Instant Back ISO Dial to ISO 200.
2. Compose your photo, focus and shoot with your Belair X 6-12 camera just as you would when using normal film.
3. To get your instant photo after a shot, press the Film Ejection Lever down to the bottom position.
Then lift the Film Ejection Lever all the way up until it locks on top.
4. Turn the Film Ejection Crank anti-clockwise until the photo is fully ejected. Turn the crank smoothly and steadily to get the best results.
5. Wait a minute to see your photo develop.
6. Turn the Film Ejection Crank back to the 6 o’clock position.
7. You will see that the Film Counter jumps to the next frame.

Remember to pull the film eject lever all the way up to the top when you eject the first dark slide or each film. If it doesn’t come out, repeat the process but don’t reset the lever to the very bottom (at “1” position) or else your film will jam.

To use a flash with your Belair Instant Back, install the flash onto the Hotshoe on top of the Belair Instant Back. Then shoot with the flash just as you would when using normal film!

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written on 2014-01-09 in #belair #camera