How so I use my color gels with the Lomography Experimental Lenses?

Ever since the Colorsplash Flash we are in love with those color drenched shots that you get by simply adding a color filter to your flash or camera. Learn how to use filter gels on your Experimental Lens Kit!

Every Experimental Lens Kit comes with a set of color filter gels that allow you to play with the mood and color temperature of your digital shots in an analogue way. All you need to to do is follow these simple steps:

Step One

Grab your lens of choice and get the Filter Gel pack that comes along with your Lomography Experimental Lens Kit ready.

Step Two

Decide which colour your photos should look like and insert the filter gel into the filter slot on the back of the lens.

Step Three

Now that the filter gel is sitting in the slot on your lens you can simply screw it on again and you’re good to go!

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written on 2013-10-16 in #experimental-lens-kit