How do I shoot or frame my subject with the Konstruktor camera?

When it’s time to take a photo, firstly open the Hood Viewfinder Cover then lift the inside covers. (We recommend closing the Hood Viewfinder when the camera is not in use.)

Now take a look into the Hood Viewfinder and you’ll see your subject. Usually it’s best to hold the Konstruktor at chest or shoulder level when shooting using the Hood Viewfinder. When photographing vertical images with the Hood Viewfinder, it’s possible to shoot at right angles; this is particularly useful when you want to remain hidden from the object of your photographic desire! The image in the Hood Viewfinder can also be viewed from below when the Konstruktor is held above your head. This is very handy when you want to take photos over the heads of crowds, for example. In order to get more precise focusing, you can flip up the magnifier inside the Lens Hood.

Here’s how to load film and to shoot with your Konstruktor camera:

Visit the Konstruktor microsite or download the Konstruktor Instruction manual here.

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written on 2013-06-05 in #camera #konstruktor