How do I put together the pieces of the Konstruktor camera?

Parts Required: P10 and front camera cover
  1. Technical Diagram
  2. Attach P10 to the camera cover as shown
Parts Required: x2 S3 Screws, B, B19, B21, N1
  1. Technical Diagram
  2. Step a) – Attach B19 to the Film Cartridge part of the camera body
  3. Step b) – Attach the Tripod Screw N1 to the camera body as shown
  4. Step c) – Combine all the camera body parts as shown – Screw 2 S3 screws into the side of B21
Parts Required: x4 S3 Screws, A11, Camera body
  1. Technical Diagram
  2. Add A11 onto camera body
  3. Secure in place using x4 S3 screws
  4. The step after completion
Parts Required: x1 S3 Screw, Rewind Key, A1, A4, A6, B30, B31
  1. Technical Diagram
  2. The parts required for this step
  3. Attach the Rewind Key to camera body
  4. Attach the Shutter Button A6
  5. Attach A4/B30 – Keep P8 in the locked position and move A4 to match
    with ‘21’
  6. Attach spring B31 to A1 and push into the camera body
  7. Screw in place with S3
  8. The completed mechanism
Parts Required: x1 S3 Screw, A5, Hood Viewfinder, Camera Body
  1. Technical Diagram
  2. Flip up all of the hood blades of the Hood Viewfinder then slide into the slot on the camera body
  3. Attach part A5 to camera body
  4. Screw into place with S3

Here’s a video on how to put the pieces of the camera:

Speed building the Konstruktor:

Visit the Konstruktor microsite or download the Konstruktor Instruction manual here.

You can find the Konstruktor camera in the Online Store.

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