How do I build the Konstruktor lens?

Building the Konstruktor lens is simple! Here are the required parts: x4 S1 Screws, x2 S4 Screws, B16, B17, B18, A8

Follow these steps:

This is the technical diagram

Make sure parts B16 and B18 are connected – Then screw 2 S4 screws into the sides of part B16

Connect the combined part B16/18 to part B17

Then connect the combined part B16/17/18 to part A8

Attach 4 S1 screws into the top of part A8

Here’s the completed lens:

Here’s how to build the lens:

Speed building the Konstruktor:

Visit the Konstruktor microsite or download the Konstruktor Instruction manual here.

You can find the Konstruktor camera in the Online Store.

written on 2013-06-05 in #camera #konstruktor