What is the Konstruktor camera?

The Konstruktor allows you to demystify the process of analogue photography by building your camera from the ground up. In constructing it, you’ll begin to understand the intricate mechanics behind the analogue photos you shoot.

The Konstruktor camera is perfect for DIY lovers and those interested in learning how analogue photography works, the Konstruktor is a fully-functional 35mm SLR camera which you can build at home.

Through the process of assembling this beautiful machine, you’ll learn the mechanics behind film photography and be able to shoot awesome analogue photos. It’s time to take the next step on your exciting photographic adventure. With the Konstruktor, you don’t just capture analogue beauty, you Konstrukt it!

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Visit the Konstruktor microsite. You can find the Konstruktor camera in the Online Store.

written on 2013-06-05 in #camera #konstruktor