Is my smartphone compatible with the Smartphone Film Scanner?

The Smartphone Film Scanner will work with all iPhone models. Moreover, we are confident that the Scanner will work with most smartphones which have the camera in the upper side/corner or in the top-center; these include phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note2. There are also some general rules that you can follow to see whether your phone is compatible.

The only cameras which we believe will have a problem with the Smartphone Film Scanner are those with a camera button on the side. This is because the Smartphone scanner uses clamps at the side of the phone to hold the phone in place. So your Smartphone should have a touch-screen camera rather than a button on the side.

  • The width of your phone should be greater than 47mm (1.85 in).
  • If your Smartphone has a lens at the center, your phone should be no wider than 94mm (3.70 in).
  • If your Smartphone has a lens at the corner, your phone should be no wider than 62mm (2.44 in).

We have also put together this list that we have tried the Smartphone Scanner with. You can download the list here. Please note, this list is not complete since we unfortunately have not had the chance to test every phone – so if you don’t see your phone on the list, don’t be put off! You can always drop us a line and we can help advise on whether your phone is compatible.

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written on 2013-03-17 in #smartphone-film-scanner