How do I upload and delete photographs on my LomoHome?

Sharing your photos on your LomoHome just got easier! To upload your shots, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Dashboard and select Photo Uploader.
  2. Click “Choose Files” and select the images that you want to upload. An alternate option is to simply select the files, then drag and drop them on the box!
  3. Once you’ve selected the photos, they will be automatically added to your LomoHome. While waiting, you may also add a description, compile them in an album, and opt to make the photos visible or not to others.

If you wish to add more information about your photographs, such as cameras, films, location, and polish the description. Head to Dashboard and select Photos. Select the photos that you want to edit. Then, click “Edit Photos.”

Uploaded the wrong file? Fret not, just head to Dashboard and select Photos. You can delete single or multiple images (by holding CTRL/CMD). Then, click “Edit Photos.” Select the photos that you want to delete. You may also search for specific images by camera, film, location, hashtags, or other keywords included on the photo’s description.

written on 2012-10-24 in #lab #photos