How do I change the Belair X 6-12 lens?

  1. Hold the lens barrel tight, turn the lens anti-clockwise until you hear a “click” sound; the lens is now detached and you may attach another lens.
  2. Fit the lens onto the camera by matching it with the white indication on the lens board; turn the lens clockwise until the lens locks into place.
  3. Hold the viewfinder and turn anti-clockwise to detach, make sure you attach a viewfinder which matches your lens’s focal length.

Caution! The shutter blades under the lens are a high-precision part. DO NOT touch the shutter blades with your fingers or any other object. Do not blow it with compressed air. If you are going to remove the lens for a long period, make sure you use the camera body cap to cover the shutter in the package.

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written on 2012-10-19 in #belair #lenses