How do I attach a flash to my Fisheye Baby 110?

The Fisheye Baby 110 camera does not have a PC Flash Adaptor and you won’t be able to attach a flash to the camera. The Fisheye Baby 110 metal camera has the PC Flash Adapter and you will be able to attach the flash to it.

To attach a flash to your Fisheye Baby 110 metal camera, you will need to attach a PC Flash Adaptor into your PC flash connector. You can then attach the Diana F+ Flash or the Colorsplash Flash and shoot away. To attach the Lomography Ringflash to your Fisheye Baby 110 metal camera, simply attach its hot shoe flash adaptor to the PC Flash Adaptor already attached to your camera.

written on 2012-06-13 in #camera #110 #fisheye-baby-110