How do I load film into the Fisheye Baby 110?

  1. If the Storage Back is installed on your Baby 110 camera, then detach it by sliding the Back Lock at the bottom.
  2. Take your Film Transportation Back and flip over the Transparent Pressure Plate clockwise until you see the completely open film chamber
  3. Install the 110 film cartridge by sliding it in horizontally.
  4. Flip back the Transparent Pressure Plate and lock it in place.
  5. Turn the Film Advancing Wheel until it stops; you are now reaching the first frame of film and ready to shoot.
  6. Install the Film Transportation Back by sliding it in from the back side of the camera and ensure it locks in place.

You’ve successfully loaded film into your Fisheye Baby 110!

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written on 2012-06-07 in #camera #fisheye-baby-110