How do I take care of my Diana Mini?

A little care goes a long way in keeping your Diana Mini in top shape:

1.) Keep the lens cap on the lens when the camera is not in use.

2.) Do not clean the lens with any harsh chemicals or solvents. Proper lens cleaning solution and a soft lens is your best bet!

3.) If the film is really hard to advance, do not force it. You could break the advance mechanism. Here’s what you can do: if you just started advancing the film, remove it from the camera and then calmly reload it. If you’re well into the roll, unload it in a totally dark room or light-sealed bag.

4.) Be careful when transporting the Diana Mini. It’s pretty tough, but is still made of lightweight plastic. If you place it in a bag with heavy things, then it could get broken. Just keep an eye for its well being.

Have lots of fun with your adventures!

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written on 2012-03-06 in #camera #diana-mini