How do I take pictures with my Horizon Kompakt / Perfekt?

Hold the camera’s handle steadily with your left hand and cock the shutter with your right. This ensures that your fingers are don’t appear in the photograph.

You can hold your Horizon Kompakt / Perfekt like this:

Using the viewfinder, compose your picture. The spirit level visible from the viewfinder will help you keep your images balanced. However, this only works in the horizontal plane, but if you want to take vertical pictures, make sure that the camera is perpendicular to the subject.

When you are ready to shoot, press the shutter release button as far as it will go. Avoid moving the camera as your do this because movement will result in a blurry image.

To take pictures with exposures longer than 1/60 second, use a tripod and a cable release.

Have loads of fun with your Horizon adventure!

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written on 2012-03-06 in #camera #horizon