How do I spool and store my developed film in the LomoKinoScope film container?

When you get your developed LomoKino film back, it’s a good idea to store it in one of the LomoKinoScope film containers.

Here’s how to store them:

  • First remove the top cover and take out the container spool inside your Lomography film container.
  • Take your film and locate the point where your film begins (there should be an exposed blank length). Holding your container spool with your left hand, place the film beginning into the taking spool slit from the right, emulsion face in. Hook the perforations tightly into the slit (you will see two little hooks in the taking spool).
  • With the lid of the container off, roll the film onto the container spool, then put the spool into the Lomography container. Cover the top cover, and it’s now ready to be viewed/stored.

Watch the How-To Video:

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written on 2011-11-10 in #camera #lomokino