How do I perform basic operations with the Motorizer?

Here are steps on how to load the film and perform basic operations:

After installing the batteries, your motorized Spinner 360° is ready to go.

  • Switch the ON/OFF switch <6> to make your Spinner Motorizer Base ready to use. You should see a blue light if the batteries have been installed correctly.
  • Choose “Continuous” mode on your remote control to load the film.
  1. Open the camera’s Rear Door <13> by pulling down the Door Lock <14>.
  2. Pull up the Rewind Crank <15>, insert your film into the left side and push the Rewind Crank back down to lock it in place.
  3. Pull out your film leader and place it into the slit of the Take Up Spool <16>. Press the remote control button <7> (under continuous mode) to drive the spool a little bit if you cannot see it in the chamber. The little tooth on the Take Up Spool <16> should grab your film leader. Take care that the Black Flap <17> stands like a wall between the Take Up Spool <16> and the Exposure Slit. When everything is in place, try to wind a little bit of the film with the Rear Door <13> still open by simply pressing the remote control button <8> (while in continuous mode). The film should feed correctly from the roll.
  4. Now close the Rear Door <13> and press the remote control button <8> to advance the exposed film a bit. Your film is now properly loaded and you are ready to shoot.
  • To shoot photos, simply press the blue button <7> on the Remote Control. You’ll see the signal light <6> turn red and the camera will begin to spin.
  • If the blue signal light <6> is flashing while spinning, it’s time for you to change batteries. Change all of the batteries at once and don’t mix used batteries.

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written on 2011-11-10 in #camera #spinner360