How do I attach my Spinner 360° onto the Motorizer Base?

Here are the steps on how to attach your Spinner 360° (sold separately) onto the Motorizer Base:

To detach the Spinner 360°’s handle:

  • Take your Spinner 360° camera (sold separately)
  • Loosen the rubber band <11> by pulling it off from the small pulley <12>.
  • Detach the Spinner 360°’s core body from the handle by pulling them apart.

And here’s how to Attach the Spinner 360° body onto the Motorizer Base:

  • Place the rubber band around the motor pulley <2>.
  • Take the Spinner 360’s main body. Firstly fit the small pulley (under the body) <10> into the rubber band <11>. Secondly, match the hole <12> with the brass connector <3> on the motor base, and then plug it in.

written on 2011-11-10 in #camera #spinner360