How do I make my own LomoKino Flip Book?

It’s great animating your LomoKino movies using the LomoKinoScope or movie editing software; but creating your own Flip Book is another great and easy way to view your analogue movie. Just follow the steps below!

  1. After you’ve shot and developed your LomoKino roll, scan the negatives using at least 1200 dpi
  2. Crop all the photo frames to the same size
  3. Get the photos printed – Ask the lab technician to ‘print with no resize’ (this is important!)
  4. Fix the frames together using a rubber band, a screw, a hot melt adhesive – Be creative!
  5. Have fun flicking through your very own flip book!

Please Note: Ignore steps (1) and (2) if you want your lab to develop, scan AND print your roll – If your lab are scanning the roll, just remember to inform them about the special LomoKino format by telling them that there will be 4 LomoKino photos to each regular 35mm photo frame.

The First LomoKino Flip Book!

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written on 2011-11-08 in #lomokino