How do I get my LomoKino film developed?

Developing your LomoKino film at a photolab is a breeze. Because the LomoKino uses a format most labs won’t be used to seeing, it’s best to tell them about the LomoKino in advance and ask the lab technician not to cut your negatives – But if your lab does automatically cut your negatives, it’s no big deal – You’ll probably end up with negatives and prints similar to what you’d get with a camera like the Lomography Supersampler (with 4 frames on each print). You can then easily scan the negatives using a flatbed scanner.

If you are in Europe, check out our LomoLAB LomoKINO development we are able to develop your Lomokino roll and even make it into a movie for you!

Watch this video to see how to scan your negatives:

written on 2011-10-12 in #lomokino #lomolab