How do I rewind and unload film with the LomoKino?

You’ll know when you’ve reached the end of your LomoKino film because you will see a red flag pop up behind the hot-shoe and the rewinding knob will also stop turning. Now it’s time to rewind!

Here are the steps on how to rewind and unload film with the LomoKino:

  1. To rewind the film roll, just flip the rewinding lever up and turn it anti-clockwise. When you can no longer feel any friction, you’ll know that the film is fully rewound.
  2. Open the LomoKino cover by pressing both of the door lock buttons (on either side of the camera) at the same time
  3. Pull up the rewinding lever a bit and take out your LomoKino film from the film chamber

Watch the How-To Video:

written on 2011-10-12 in #camera #lomokino