How do I load film into the LomoKino?

Here are the steps on how to load film into the LomoKino:

  1. Open the LomoKino cover by pressing both of the door lock buttons (on either side of the camera) at the same time.
  2. Pull out the film tongue a little and slide it around the upper roller – Then pull it back over towards the taking spool.
  3. Pull up the rewinding lever a bit and place the film roll into the film chamber – Then drop the rewinding lever back into place.
  4. Insert the film tongue into the taking spool slit and turn the advancing crank forward to ensure that the film spool is firmly on the taking spool
  5. When you are sure that the film is firmly attached to the taking spool, reattach the camera’s cover.
  6. Move the advancing crank forward another one or two cycles – You will see the rewinding knob turning and that means your film is properly inserted. Now you can start shooting!

Watch the How-To Video:

written on 2011-10-12 in #camera #lomokino