How do I load the LomoKinoScope Viewer and watch my LomoKino movie?

Here’s how to load and watch movies using the LomoKinoScope:

  1. First remove the front cover of your LomoKinoScope.
  2. Place the loaded Lomography film container into the chamber, take the film tongue and insert it into the slit of the LomoKinoScope’s taking spool .
  3. Adjust the frame until you can see a complete frame on the light chamber. You don’t need to match the sprockets.
  4. Close the front cover, start turning the crank anti-clockwise until you reach the first frame. You need to pre-wind the film to the first frame and make it ready to view.
  5. If the viewer stops in between frames after pre-winding, open the viewer and adjust it slightly until it’s in the correct position. Your film is now ready to be viewed!
  6. Simply advance the crank and look into the eye-piece! When you have finished a film, it should go back into the film container so that you can load another film immediately.

CAUTION: If you notice something unusual when viewing, stop immediately, take out the film and load it again following the above procedure. This will ensure that your film isn’t accidentally damaged.

Watch the How-To Video:

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written on 2011-10-12 in #accessories #camera #lomokino