How do I bounce the flash on my Fritz the Blitz flash?

Here are some tips on bouncing the flash with your “Fritz the Blitz flash”

Tilt-Up Function for Bouncing the Flash
When using Fritz the Blitz together with the flash bracket, you can make use of a very fun and interesting feature: the bracket can tilt up to a maximum of 90 degrees allowing you to bounce the flash!

Bouncing the Flash
Set your flash to maximum power and group (because bouncing will reduce the power of your flash!)
Hold your camera tight and tilt the flash upwards as far as you want it (max. 90 degrees)
Fire the shutter!

Bouncing the flash allows you to be even more creative! Bounce the flash off of a white ceiling if you want a very soft light source; bounce the flash off coloured surfaces to get coloured reflections; you can even bounce the flash off of your friend’s face and see what happens! Be creative – the possibilities are limitless!

Off-Body Flashing
Besides being able to bounce the flash at an angle of 90 degrees, you can detach the flash from the bracket altogether, allowing you to use the flash from any angle! From your side, from your head, from your hip; anywhere!

Just remember to keep the flash adapter cable connected while doing off-body flash and everything will be fine.

written on 2011-07-29 in #accessories #la-sardina