What do I have to remember when shooting with my La Sardina?

So you’ve loaded the film and you’re ready to start shooting?

Make sure that your Sardina is ready to snap up your shots. If the lens barrel is pressed against the camera’s body, hold it and pull it away from the camera. Now twist it to the left (if you are looking at the front of the camera) until you feel it lock. Your La Sardina is now locked, loaded and ready for action! Please note: This step is applicable to earlier La Sardina models only.

Remember that your La Sardina is locked and loaded with a truly mind-blowing wide-angle lens! Forget about the viewfinder and get as close as possible. And then get even closer! Are you doing it? Okay. We’ll be watching to make sure.

Always keep this in mind: “5th Golden Rule of Lomography” to the max – “Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible!”

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written on 2011-06-16 in #camera #la-sardina