Can I use Fritz the Blitz flash on my other Lomography cameras?

Fritz the Blitz is attached to La Sardina using a special flash locking screw. This is not present in other Lomography cameras, so unfortunately, you can’t use Fritz the Blitz with them. Don’t worry, there are other flash choices in our shop for your cameras, like the Colorsplash, Diana flash, and Ringflash.

Here are the steps in using Fritz the Blitz flash on other Lomography cameras:

  1. First you will need to screw the flash onto the flash bracket. Once it is screwed on tightly, you are ready to attach it to your camera.
  2. Slide the tripod screw at the base of the flash bracket until it is aligned with the tripod thread on the bottom of your camera. Once you’ve aligned it, screw the bracket into your camera’s tripod thread. Make sure the bracket and flash are now securely attached to the camera.
  3. Then you need to attach the flash adapter cable to the small hole in the base of the flash. The other half (with the hot-shoe attachment) will slide right into the hot-shoe of your camera.

You are now ready to use your Fritz the Blitz flash with your camera!

Extension Bracket

For those cameras that have a particularly long body (e.g. Lomography Sprocket Rocket), the limit lengths of the Flash Bracket may be reached. To solve this problem, your Fritz the Blitz package includes a handy extension bracket.

To attach the extension bracket, you need to:

  • First match the tripod screw of the flash bracket with the extension bracket.
  • Turn the Tripod screw to screw all the way in, but don’t tighten
  • Adjust the extension bracket to fit your camera. Finally, you can tighten the screw

written on 2011-06-16 in #accessories #la-sardina