How do I load 35mm film in the La Sardina?

To load film into your Sardina, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the camera’s back door by pressing down the little tab on the left side of the camera (looking from the back of the camera) and carefully lift the back door off.
  2. Pull the rewinding knob (the left one) upwards; insert a fresh roll of film in this side of the chamber, then push the rewinding knob back down again. This should lock your film into place.
  3. You will see the take up spool on the right side of the chamber; turn the advance knob (the right one) to find the film slit. Guide your film into the slit whilst making sure that the sprockets (the holes on the film) are catching onto the perforation teeth you can see on the tiny wheel (this will make sure that your film is safely in place). Turn the advancing knob counter-clockwise to make sure your film is firmly wrapped around the spool. You should see the film spooling on the taking spool smoothly.
  4. Reattach the backdoor of the camera and make sure it is securely closed.
  5. Press the shutter once and then turn the advancing wheel counter-clockwise to advance the film until it stops. Repeat this twice to advance the exposed film while loading.

Try to contain your excitement. Take a deep breath. In. Out. Right, you’re just about ready to start shooting incredible Lomographic adventures with your La Sardina!

Here’s a on how to load film to your La Sardina camera:

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written on 2011-06-16 in #camera #la-sardina