What are some tips to keep in mind while shooting with my Lomo LC-Wide?

No doubt you’ll know by now that your LC-Wide is a very special compact camera that’s fitted with an irresistible ultra-wide angle lens. Here are a few super-easy tips to make sure you start making some great pictures:

  • Always get as close as possible. Go even closer than your perception of closeness tells you to!
  • Shoot from weird angles. The odd horizontal level photo is boring; instead you should take the camera to new heights and depths, unusual angles and crazy perspectives.
  • Shoot amazing landscapes. Infinite space and blue skies will make your heart jump when seen from an ultra-wide-angle perspective.
  • Make use of the half- and square-frame formats! You can shoot up to 72 pictures on half-frame mode, which helps you not to think too much about what you are shooting. Shoot and click until your finger hurts!
  • Always take the camera with you. (Golden rule number 1!)
  • Don’t be shy. Shoot people, faces, legs, birds, bugs and bees and always get really, really close. You’ll notice the difference! Really good ultra-wide-angle photos feel as if a hand has reached out of the picture, grabbed your head and – like a vacuum cleaner – sucked you right into the scene. Vroooom!

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written on 2011-05-18 in #camera #lomo-lc-wide