How to Use the Lomography Online Film Developing Service

We have the easiest way to have your films developed, scanned and printed, all you have to do is follow the following:

1. Choose what service you want.
Service – Develop & Scan only or Develop, Scan & Print*
Film format – 35mm, 120, or 110
Processing method – Black and white, slide film, color negative, and cross-processing
Special formats – with/without sprocket holes, panoramic, superpanoramic

2. Wait for us to send an email containing the development codes and instructions on where to send the films.

3.) Once you have the development codes, mark these codes on your films, drop them in an envelope, and mail it to us! We’ll take care of the processing and send the negatives, prints and/or CD* back, depending on your order. A link will be emailed as well for you to download your photos.
*CD’s are no longer available except for LomoKino orders

Disclaimer: Lomography is not responsible for delays and other issues pertaining to standard postal service delivery. Although it is extremely rare that there will be postal issues, Lomography cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged film or orders.

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written on 2011-05-11 in #lomolab