How do I rewind and remove film using the Lomography Spinner 360° camera?

After shooting up to 8 panoramas with your Lomography Spinner 360° your film comes to an end. You will realise this when the Cord doesn’t go inside the Handle anymore and the camera doesn’t turn anymore. It’s now time to rewind your film:

  1. Switch the Aperture Setting to ‘R’ (‘R’ stands for rewind mode).
  2. Detach the Rubber Ring from the camera.
  3. Turn the Rewind Lever clockwise until the pressure slackens. Don’t stop turning until you feel the tension completely drop off. Only then can you be sure that your film is safely stored in its container.
  4. Now open the camera’s Rear Door by pulling down the Door Lock, pull up the Rewind Crank and take your film out.
  5. Insert a new film, set the Aperture 9 back to ‘sunny’ or ‘cloudy’ and re-attach the Rubber Ring to the camera.

For more information, visit our Spinner 360° microsite.

written on 2010-09-14 in #camera #spinner360