Translate Your Own Post in Local/English and Earn An Extra 5 Piggies!

Yes, another easy way to earn Piggies! Beginning today, you’ll find the brand-new translation button below the Like button at the end of each Magazine Blogpost. Right now you have the opportunity to translate all original blogposts – no matter if you want to translate an English entry to Japanese or the other way round. Of course this also works for all other locales we are providing at the moment. Let your fellow Lomographers enjoy content you find interesting in your own language, and earn extra points!

Submitting is super easy! Click the Translate button and you’ll be taken to a handy translation interface. All Assets like pictures or videos will be duplicated – so you’ll not have to upload images anymore! Simply replace the original text in the right text fields with your translated text, choose the language in the dropdown menu and submit!

Your translation will then be checked by a local editor. Each published translation will get 5 piggies! This means 5 Piggies in addition to your original post in English and vice versa!

Why not try your hand translating a LomoLocation you wrote, but this time in your native tongue?

General Things To Know

  • Piggies for approved translations for the Local websites are pegged at 5 points across all sections, regardless of post type (e.g. requested post, submissions with higher payouts.)
  • Our Local editors will be the ones responsible for awarding Translation piggies. will not be responsible for processing Translation piggies. Full local editors’ contact lists will be updated soon on our FAQ.
  • You can only translate original contributions. You can not translate a post that already is a translation of another one!
  • If there already is a translation for a blog post in a certain laguage this one will disappear from the dropdown and you can not submit another one!
  • Publishing dates may vary from the International English website and your Localized website. This is upon discretion of the Local editor.
  • Direct translations via Google Translator/similar pages will be disqualified from publishing. Too obvious!

written on 2010-07-22 in #magazine