I'm a beginner, what camera should I use?

Well, the easiest camera for beginners is also the camera that started Lomography and yields the most “Lomographic” images. The LC-A+ takes 35mm film that can be purchased and processed anywhere, is super small (practically pocket sized), and yields saturated, vignetted images thanks to its Minitar-1 coated lens. It has a light meter built-in, so the only setting you need to set before each exposure is the zone focus lever.

You can find 35mm film for the LC-A+ in our Online Shop.

Or find a bundle in the Camera Deals and Bundles section.

And view all kinds of LC-A+ images on the LC-A+ Microsite.

However, the best way to find a camera that will suit your needs is to browse the Online Shop and Lomography.com, find the kind of images you’d like to take, and go from there!

If you need more detailed information, check out our Beginner's Guide as well.

written on 2010-07-16 in #camera #lomo-lc-a