What are valid Piggy requests?

Photo by: bccbarbosa

Before you contact Mr. Pig, make sure your Piggy requests are valid!

What are valid Piggy Requests?

  • Piggies that haven’t arrived in 2 weeks
  • Piggy extensions (given that you have any pending items for the Magazine)
  • ‘Missing’ Piggies – Missing in the sense that we have already awarded other users with their Piggies but we overlooked yours

If they fall under these, then you could contact Mr. Pig at help@lomography.com.

When you’re ready to send a request, please consider these:


  • Include your LomoHome address (we can’t process your request without your username!)
  • State the amount of requested Piggies
  • Add other important details (article url, reason, etc.)
  • Be as nice and calm as you can when e-mailing Mr. Pig


  • Spam Mr. Pig – One e-mail at a time, Mr. Pig says! Piggy requests are put on queue so give Mr. Pig a few working days before sending another mail! Otherwise he will die of exhaustion!
  • Ask Mr. Piggy for directions on how to go to the Market

Check out our Piggy FAQ section on how to earn those coveted Piggy Points!

Go shopping with your piggies!

written on 2010-03-30 in #piggies