I have Piggy concerns. Who do I contact?

Photo by: bccbarbosa

If you have Piggy concerns, please contact Mr. Pig at help@lomography.com.

Mr. Pig takes care of all your piggy concerns! Make sure though that your piggy concerns are valid – Read up on this:
What are valid Piggy Requests?
What are invalid Piggy Requests?

When you’re ready to send a request, please consider these:


  • Include your LomoHome address (we can’t process your request without your username!)
  • State the amount of requested Piggies
  • Add other important details (article url, reason, etc.)
  • Be as nice and calm as you can when e-mailing Mr. Pig


  • Spam Mr. Pig – One e-mail at a time, Mr. Pig says! Piggy requests are put on queue so give Mr. Pig a few working days before sending another mail! Otherwise he will die of exhaustion!
  • Ask Mr. Piggy for directions on how to go to the Market

Check out our Piggy FAQ section on how to earn those coveted Piggy Points!

written on 2010-03-30 in #piggies