What are some tips to keep in mind while shooting with my Lomo LC-A Instant Back+?

The most important thing is to have fun with this instant goodness! You could also try some of these handy shooting tips:

  • The Lomo LC-A accessories (Wide-Angle lens, Fisheye lens, Tunnelvision lens and the Splitzer) are fully compatible with the Instant Back. These are the bee’s knees in combination with the Instant Back. Go and try them out!
  • Don’t forget to set the distance setting according to the Instant Back’s Distance Chart. For shooting with the Wide-Angle lens focus according to the lenses distance settings.
  • Have a go at long and multiple exposures.
  • Adjust the ASA settings on the camera for more control over your image. For indoor shots and shot in normal daylight, set the ASA to 200 (standard setting). If you are outside in bright sunlight, set it to ASA 100, and if you are outdoors at night or in environments with very few light sources, set the ASA to 400.
  • When using a flash take care that it’s not too strong, as this will overexpose your image. If you can’t adjust the intensity of your flash, you can cover it with some sheets of paper to diffuse the light. If you’d like to use a flash, slide it into the Lomo LC-A’s hot shoe while you use the external viewfinder via the Instant Back’s cold shoe on the right hand side.
  • However, the automatic exposure setting of the Lomo LC-A always measures the light correctly so that you don’t really need a flash. Long exposures work like magic with Instax film and you should definitely try them.

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written on 2010-03-30 in #instant-back #lomo-lc-a