What Diana F+ accessories can I use with the Diana Mini?

The Diana Mini is a Diana camera in look and spirit – but don’t be fooled – this is an altogether different Diana experience!

The Diana Mini has big shoes to fill being the little sister of the classic beauty Diana F+ (It literally is the little sister – it’s a lot smaller!). A lot of people in the community have been wondering what accessories can be used with the Diana Mini. So here it goes:

  • Most of the Diana F+ accessories (such as the lenses, lens adapters, Diana Instant Back) will not work with the Diana Mini – again, the Diana Mini is really a lot smaller than the Diana F+ and most of the accessories of the Diana F+ are made to fit it.
  • Only the Diana F+ flash is compatible with the Diana Mini as both cameras feature the same Diana proprietary flash connection.
  • If you have the Diana F+ flash adapter, you could attach it to the Diana Mini and you should be able to use other hotshoe flashes with it such as the Colorsplash flash
  • You can use the Cable Release with the Diana Mini and allow for it to fire in complete stillness – without the action of pushing the shutter button to vibrate your camera!
  • You can screw your Diana Mini onto a Tripod so your camera won’t shake.

There are actually ways on how to modify your Diana Mini to be able to make use of some of the accessories: We have some Tipsters shared by our community members:

Want to learn more about your Diana F+ camera, or the Diana Mini?

written on 2010-03-30 in #camera #diana-f-plus #diana-mini