How do I submit an Accessory Review?

Rewards for Published Accessory Reviews:

  • 5 Piggy Points are rewarded for published accessory reviews

Accessory Review Requirements:

  • Review must have a photo of the accessory on a white backdrop; we are allowing digital shots for this. We are not accepting product shots taken from other websites.
  • Review must contain 5 or more images taken with the accessory.
  • Submission must have a concrete summary of the Accessory Review
  • Descriptive Metadata tags
  • A full paragraph or more describing the distinct details of the Accessory you’re reviewing – special characteristics, oddities etc. rather than a story of the shots you took using it.

Submit an Accessory Review Today!

But hold on, you may have noticed that Accessory Reviews are linked to the Camera Reviews portion. Don’t you worry – you can still submit your accessory review by filling up all the fields but on the Camera field, just pick any camera model on the drop down list and we will fix it for you when we review it!

written on 2010-03-30 in #accessories #reviews