What is the Tipster portion?

Have you been a frustrated mad scientist all your life? Time to live that dream as Tipster brings you great analogue experiments! If you’ve always been the type to break away from the norm and do experiments on your cameras, then the Tipster is for you! The Tipster brings you volume after volume of great analogue experiments. You can read though all the attempts and success of film and camera experiments submitted by the community and staff of Lomography.com. Read and participate in our expanding library of film and camera experiments sent in by our great community and seasoned Lomography staff.

  • Tipster is Lomography’s Magazine section dedicated analogue experimentation.
  • Tried and tested experiments, tips, tricks and modifications can be found here!
  • Tipster is also home to the Film Lab Rats feature for those who like to burn, test on or do other fun things to film!
  • Once logged in you can comment, compliment and rate articles.

written on 2010-03-30 in #magazine #tipster