What are some main differences between the Diana F+ and the Holga 120?

The Holga and the Diana F+ have quite a few differences and a few similarities. Here are some of their similarities:

  • They both have plastic lenses that produce dreamy images
  • They both use 120 or “medium format” film
  • They both have one shutter speed and a bulb setting for long exposures
  • They both have frame masks to change the shape of your negative, if desired

The differences are vast. Here are some differences between the two:

  • The Holga has 2 apertures (f8 and f11), while the Diana F+ has 3 (f11, f16 and f22), to help avoid under- and overexposure in various lighting conditions.
  • The Diana F+ has a pinhole function with an included shutter lock, so you can take long exposures without having to man the shutter the whole time. The Holga does not come with a built-in pinhole function.
  • The Diana F+ has five interchangeable lenses, including a true Fisheye lens at 20mm, a Super Wide 38mm lens, a 55mm Wide-Angle AND Close-Up lens that allows you to take clear shots from 6" away, and a Soft 110mm Telephoto lens, its standard 75mm lens, and the 75mm Premium Glass Lens for sharp and crisp photos. The Holga 120 does have the ability to use one or two accessory lenses of its own, but its lens does not come off, so you are simply layering another optic over the existing lens, which can degrade the image.
  • The Holga has an overlapping panoramic setting, while the Diana F+ comes with a panoramic mask, making it easier and a bit more precise.
  • The Diana F+ has a convertible flash. It’s not built-in, so you can use it, not use it, or even use your favorite hot shoe flash instead. It also comes with 16 color gels to splash your images with any color, or combination of colors you want. The Holga 120 CFN has a built-in flash, no hot shoe mount, and three color gels that can’t be interchanged.
  • The Holga has one accessory back in which you can use 35mm film, but it doesn’t have a film counter, so you don’t necessarily know where you’re at on the roll of film, and unloading the camera requires a film changing bag and manual rewinding. The Diana F+ has two accessory backs, including an easy-to-use 35mm back with four frame modes, and an instant back for instant photos.

The Diana F+ also has a Lomography warranty of 2 years, whereas the Holga has a warranty of 1 year.

written on 2010-03-30 in #camera #diana-f-plus #holga