What are Lomographs or Lomographic photos and its characteristics?

Take one good look at a Lomograph and you’ll see that it holds a charm all of its own. Somehow everything is amplified and ordinary objects stand out, enhancing details that would normally go unnoticed. How can this be? We’ve narrowed it down to an ever-changing formula of certain variables like:

  • Shadowy vignetting that mysteriously frames the shot, light leaks
  • Film grain you could chip a tooth on
  • The magic of a great lens
  • Deep saturation
  • Just the right amount of contrast

And that’s to name but a few. A combination these factors and a healthy touch of the unexpected go into making each Lomograph unique. Essentially, Lomography embraces the element of surprise that only analogue film photography can bring and wholeheartedly celebrates the unexpected outcome.

written on 2010-03-30 in #techniques