How do I mount the Diana+ Splitzer onto my Diana F+ camera?

Here are steps on how to use your Diana+ Splitzer:

You will need:
Diana F+
Diana+ Splitzer

To mount the Diana+ Splitzer, merely slip it onto the front of your lens – just like a lens cap.

Your Splitzing is done via two rotating blinds – thereby dividing up the image frame in a countless variety of ways. Each of the blinds has a small plastic nub that you can turn with a fingernail. Use your finger to turn the Diana+ Splitzer around before you click on the shutter. Afterwards, turn the Diana+ Splitzer again and click on the shutter for multiple exposures. Be sure to keep track of which parts of your image have been exposed. Or don’t – and allow the surprises to come and slap you silly. Either way, the only word of Diana+ Splitzer caution is this: when you’re finished, remove it from your lens slowly and carefully.

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written on 2010-03-30 in #camera #diana-f-plus