Important notes for Lubitel 166+ users!

Please remember when you’re using your Lubitel 166+:

  • ALWAYS remember to remove the 35mm Pressure Plate before you load the Lubitel 166+ with medium format film. Leaving it in can damage or destroy your camera and film!
  • If you should ever lose your medium format take-up spool, simply head to the nearest professional photo lab and ask for an extra.
  • When shooting 35mm, ALWAYS use the rubber rood to cover the little red window in the back. Otherwise, your film will be exposed to light and ruined!
  • For long exposures, mounting on a tripod is the best route. But if no tripod is available – and you want to shoot higher than ground level, consider pressing the bottom of your camera against a wall or the outside of a building. As your format is square (at least for 6×6 images), it doesn’t matter whether your camera is straight up or on its side.
  • If you don’t have a light meter, there is a neat graph right on the back of your camera to help you properly expose your film. Another great way to shoot film without a meter is with the Sunny 16 Rule – when it’s sunny outdoors, simply use the f16 aperture and turn your shutter speed dial to the equivalent of your film speed (ie: if you have ISO 100 film, use 1/125 sec shutter speed).

Proper Lubitel 166+ care:

  • When transporting your camera, be sure to place the lens cap over the lens to protect it from any scratches. Only clean the lens with a soft optical microfiber cloth. Never use a harsh solvent, abrasive cloth, or common glass cleaner.
  • It’s best to carry your camera in a padded camera bag – to protect it from any unexpected shocks or falls. Be sure to fold down the waist level finder when the camera is inside a bag.
  • Don’t force the controls if they feel very tight. Every knob and lever on the camera should have very free movement.
  • Keep it away from beverages and tall ledges.
  • If you have any technical difficulties or problems, contact us rather than attempting your own “camera surgery.” Treat the Lubitel 166+ with a lil’ respect – and it will be your loyal companion for years to come!

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written on 2010-03-30 in #camera #lubitel