Why is the film in my Lubitel 166+ not advancing properly?

If your film is not advancing properly, your first check should be to the advance lock on your Lubitel 166+.

The advance knob has a small metal lock built into it, which allows the film to be rewound in-camera. To put the advance lock in place, rotate the advance knob until the white dot matches up with the white line on the right hand side. In this position, the advance lock (the small metal post) can be moved back and forth. Ensure that the advance lock is next to the white dot. This will allow the advance knob to engage and advance the film.

When the advance lock is set, you can then turn the advance knob forward (clockwise) and start to transport your film. It should advance smoothly across the film plane and wind onto the take-up spool. If it’s having trouble staying on the take-up spool, then use a finger to lightly press the film leader against the take-up spool and begin to advance – this is usually enough to make it roll on correctly.

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written on 2010-03-30 in #camera #lubitel