How do I make endless panoramic shots with my Diana F+ camera?

Stitching together a panoramic image is one of the most awesome techniques in analog photography. Often, the panoramic ends up a little bit “off” – giving it a really unique and interesting look. With the Diana F+, it’s possible!

As you learned in the first section, you’ll need to insert the Panoramic frame mask and set the Film Format Switch to “16.” With these settings, there will be almost no gap between each image, thereby giving you a (more or less) seamless panoramic image.

Here are four tips for your Panoramic success:

  • If you want to ensure no overlapping between frames, then advance a little more than the next exposure number each time. For example, Fuji films have a series of dots in-between the exposure numbers. These countdown your advancing until the next number comes up. After you shoot “1,” advance to the first dot after the number “2.” Then advance to the second dot after number “3.” And so on.
  • If you’re shooting a panoramic landscape and you want to get as little repetition between frames as possible, then turn your camera about 45 degrees after each shot. Or turn it a lot less – and savor that sweet multiple-exposure-panorama effect!
  • Use a tripod on level ground to keep your individual panoramic frames on (more or less) the same plane.
  • Of course you can throw caution to the wind. Shoot panoramas on the 12 shot format. Advance a full frame once, then a half frame, then a whatever-the-hell frame. Shoot multiple times on a single frame, and only once on another. Throw in a flash shot. Make your panoramic image totally random and unpredictable. The results could be awesome!

Learn all about the Diana F+, you can easily create panoramic shots that are as long and as all-encompassing as you like.

written on 2010-03-30 in #camera #diana-f-plus