How do I control the shutter and aperture settings of my Diana F+ camera?

The Diana F+ is a fully manual camera which allows you to control how fast the shutter fires and how wide it opens. The Shutter Speed Switch, located on the top of the Lens has two settings: “N” and “B.”

“N” is for normal daytime shots, and fires the shutter at approximately 1/60 of a second. “B” allows you to keep the shutter open for as long as you like – which is great for nighttime and low-light images. For a sharp image, the camera must be held still whenever you’re firing on the “B” setting! The best method is to screw a tripod into the Diana F+’s handy Tripod Mount. Otherwise, try to press it against something flat and hold it steady while you shoot. As the format is square, it doesn’t matter whether the camera is held horizontally or vertically.

On the bottom of the Lens is the Aperture Setting. This controls how wide the shutter opens. There are four settings available. Three of them match the outdoor weather conditions: sun, partial clouds, and full clouds. The forth one, designated as “P,” is for pinhole shots.

With ISO 400 Speed Film

  • In daylight, choose “N” for the shutter speed and match the aperture setting to the actual light condition outside (For example: choose sun if it is sunny.)
  • For a lit indoor setting, set the shutter to “B” and the aperture to cloudy. Shoot for about one second or a little less.
  • For night shooting, set the shutter to “B” and the aperture to cloudy. A brightly lit city street needs about 20 seconds, and a really dark moonlit scene might need around a minute.

With ISO 100 Speed Film

  • In daylight, choose “N” for the shutter speed and choose an aperture that’s one step darker. (ex. choose partial clouds on a sunny day.)
  • Quadruplicate (multiply by 4) the shooting time of 400 speed film (ex. shoot indoor scenes for about 4 seconds).

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written on 2010-03-30 in #camera #diana-f-plus